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ABSTRACT WATCH: Food Allergies: The Basics

Food Allergies: The Basics Rudolf Valenta, Heidrun Hochwallner, Birgit Linhart, and Sandra Pahr Abstract IgE-associated food allergy affects approximately 3% of the population and has severe effects on the daily life of patients—manifestations occur not only in the gastrointestinal tract but also affect other organ systems. Birth cohort studies have shown that allergic sensitization to food allergens develops early in childhood. Mechanisms of

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ABSTRACT WATCH: The development of allergic inflammation

The development of allergic inflammation Stephen J. Galli, Mindy Tsai, and Adrian M. Piliponsky Nature. 2008 Jul 24; 454(7203): 445–454. Abstract Allergic disorders, such as anaphylaxis, hay fever, eczema and asthma, now afflict roughly 25% of people in the developed world. In allergic subjects, persistent or repetitive exposure to allergens, which typically are intrinsically innocuous substances common in the environment, results in chronic

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